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STEKO® – Sustainable and Recyclable


STEKO® modules are produced using sustainable sourced plantation timber from the Baltics.

STEKO® is a smart environmental choice because it is made of solid wood. Trees grow resource sparingly in sustainable cultivated forests. Wood is the only building material, which produces oxygen and stores CO2 during its lifetime. Therefore wood provides a valuable contribution to reduce greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Timber is the only major building material that’s renewable and sustainable over long periods of time. In comparison to other building materials, wood requires very little energy in manufacturing and construction.

STEKO® makes it possible to care for the environment and has the stylish, comfortable home that you’ve always wanted.

STEKO® goes one step further in the direction of creating a sustainability for our future using only non-toxic glue. This means that you can have a stylish new home that will last a lifetime without compromising the environment for the generations to come.

Additionally, a house built with STEKO® can be de-constructed, adapted or reused if desired, making it fully recyclable.