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Swiss Quality

STEKO® – Swiss Quality

Swiss Quality

STEKO® will deliver guaranteed perfection for any building design and is Swiss Quality you can rely on.

Designed and tested in Switzerland, STEKO® is a revolutionary modular building system that uses smart engineering to produce the highest quality and ecological construction which is proven in every climate of the world.

The STEKO® building system was developed, tested and approved together with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science & Technology (EMPA) in relation to stability, heat engineering, acoustics, fire, grading and earthquake resistance (ETH/SFIT Zurich, EMPA). In addition it is also MINERGIE® certified – a Swiss label for energy consumption in buildings and the most widely applied building energy standard in the world.

Understanding the balance between comfort and caring for the environment makes STEKO® the smart choice.

Guarantees quality, strength and perfection every time. No STEKO® module leaves the factory until it has been meticulously tested. Therefore you can rest assured that you will receive nothing short of building perfection.