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Time & Money Savings

STEKO® – Construct Your House in Just a Few Days

Time and Money Savings

STEKO® can reduce planning time and most importantly labor time due to the fast building process. Saving time saves you money.

The more that you know about your building project, the more accurate you can budget. Because the cost of building with STEKO® is calculated by the number of modules (or square meters) required, our CAD program can give you an accurate quote during the design process.

A medium sized STEKO® house can be built in as little as 3 days and saves time on the building site by improving efficiency and productivity. All modules are manufactured off site and ordered as needed. This sophisticated technology ensures, that the time it takes to build will be significantly faster.

Why is the STEKO® building system more time efficient?

  • Pre-manufactured modules delivered on pallets as construction kits
  • Framing errors are minimized
  • Less labor time
  • The installation of electrical and plumbing is carried out already during building of the walls
  • Placement plans are generated and delivered with each module package, picking up all bearing locations and showing correct placement for easy assembly
  • Each module is marked accordingly
  • Easier manipulation with STEKO® modules than with 2”x4” or 2”x6” studs and plywood sheeting
  • No need of a framing gun while assembling the walls
  • No need of a diffusion barrier

The STEKO® walls and roof can be setup without mortar, cement or glue in just a few days, is less expensive and quicker to build than custom timber-framed buildings.

The efficiency of the worksite when using a modular system like STEKO® will ensure that you can step back and enjoy the process as everything falls neatly into place. A solid, durable home can be constructed – from foundation to lock-up – within a matter of days. STEKO®’s efficiency is due to the simplicity and elegance of the design, which has been engineered to ensure ultimate productivity on the construction site.

Steko Time Schedule

Due to the nature of STEKO®, restoring your building site after construction will be a quick and easy process. Therefore reducing the overall build time and allowing you to move in faster!

It is still claimed that individual building and industrial manufacturing do not go together. The Swiss invention STEKO® disproves this thesis. STEKO® proves how the cost and logistic advantages of the industrial production may also be used in the process of individual and creative construction. STEKO® modules are pre-fabricated serially, are available ex warehouse and may easily be transported and mounted. Thanks to STEKO® a Swiss invention the individual design flexibility remains completely unaffected, although STEKO® follows the industrial logic consistently.